The current stable release series are 3.5 and 4.

Latest sources from GitHub

The charybdis ircd sources are maintained on GitHub. To clone the repository, run these commands:

$ git clone https://github.com/charybdis-ircd/charybdis
$ cd charybdis

This will check out the release/4 branch by default. If you want to use version 3.5, check it out:

$ git checkout release/3.5

You can also view our source repository on GitHub.


To build charybdis, run the following commands from your charybdis source directory:

$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

Note that version 4 requires you to first run autogen.sh

By default, the charybdis binary distribution will be installed into $HOME/ircd. We recommend using this deployment method.

charybdis in Linux/Unix Distributions

Some distributions offer charybdis as a package. These distributions may or may not be shipping the latest version, so if you experience problems we recommend building charybdis from source using the steps listed above. Many bugs are fixed in each new release.